A Grade Deerskin Large Leather Hides - 2-3 oz

Regular price $45.95

This soft, supple deerskin leather is the finest available for garments, halters, soft pouches, small accessories, black powder use, DIY crafts, and much more.

Sold by the hide. Each hide is A-grade leather, so the quality is top-notch.

These leather hides are 2-3 oz, which means they are about 1/32" (0.78mm) thick. Leather of this thickness is great for lining wallets, belts and small accessories.

This top grain light weight leather is flexible, yet has enough body for tooling.

Available in 3 sizes: 7-9 square feet, 10-12 square feet, or 13-15 square feet.

4 colors available:
A. Black
B. Tobacco (Brown)
C. Saddle (Gold)
D. Smoke (Tan)