Rawhide Drum Cover Circles - 1 to 2 oz Goat Rawhide for Crafts

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Our rawhide drum covers are already cut into circles and are crafted from goat rawhide.

Rawhide is excellent for crafts, DIY projects, black powder accessories, Indian lore use, lamp shades, lace, buck skinning, jewelry, Native American style crafts, and more. Simply soak it in water for molding, cutting and shaping. Once it dries, it will stiffen and retain its shape.

Sizes available (note: these are average sizes and may not be exact):
A. 12"
B. 14"
C. 18"
D. 20"
E. 24"

Rawhide dates all the way back to the early Native Americans. It is very firm because it has not been tanned- it has only been dehaired and cured.